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Training Classes


This class offers comprehensive instruction on correct bobber set up, finding the right fishing depth and bobber mending. Our instructors are courteous and knowledgeable. They will explain everything you need to know to be a great bobber fisherman.

This class includes a bobber fishing start up package: 2 floats, a package of bobber stops, 10 corkies, 4 torpedo lead weights w/swivel, leader line and 4 jigs. $50 per hour* /per person.


Side drift fishing is a long time art in the fishing world. It takes patience, skill and a sense of feel. In this training session you will learn how to properly set up your rod for drift fishing as well as art of “feeling the bite”. This class includes a side drift start up package: 10 swivels, 10 slinky, 20 corkies, 1 pkg. of yarn, and 25 hooks. $50 per hr*/per person.


Fly fishing is all about presentation. In this class learn one or two methods of setting up your fly rod specifically for catching a big B-Run steelhead. Learn water reading techniques for finding a great spot to fly fish on the Clearwater River. Included with this training is a fly fishing start up package. 20 hand tied glow bugs, 4 strike indicators, and 1 pkg. of split shot. $50 per hour*/per person.


Trolling hot shots or wiggle warts is a great way to catch steel head on the Clearwater River. Learn how to tune and set up plug rods in proper formation. Learn back trolling techniques from a drift boat. Start up package includes 2 plugs of your choice. $50 per hr.(2 hr. minimum)

To enroll in a training class just call (503) 871-1339 or Email: and we will get you scheduled.
*Prices based on training from the bank. Training in the drift boat requires a 2 hr. minimum.

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Riverside Guide Service
11360 Highway 12
P.O. Box 1369
Orofino, ID 83544

Tel : (503) 871-1339
Email : russiott@yahoo.com