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Mania Country

March 21st, 2011 @

Jeff Jarrett, the man, the myth, the legend, and my friend. Everybody has to learn somewhere and I learned the Clearwater River by asking questions and watching professional fishing guide, Jeff Jarrett, do his magic. The man made his professional debut in 1978 and has been a full time professional guide since 1984. Jeff was raised in Lenore, Idaho. If you look across the river and see some tepees on the reservation this is the area he grew up.

Jeff has learned to catch steelhead and salmon on the Clearwater River from Kooskia to the confluence of the Snake River, a 70 mile stretch. One sunny day while I was guiding on the Clearwater, my clients were hooking many steelhead but were unable to land a single fish. I stopped Jeff on the river and asked him for some advice. After looking at my shallow diver set up, Jeff smiled and said, “If you find one of my 50 divers down river, save it for me”. This was his way of telling me to fish deeper. I switched my shrimp rig from a 20 ft. diver to a 50 ft. and the next three fish went in the net.

Jeff operates a power boat sometimes, but mostly Jeff is a rowing machine in his drift boat. He works smart and plays the game his own way. Clever as a fox, I have watched him wait up to two hours to let other fishermen and guides pass through a hole before he moves in to start catching some of the fish they left behind.

Jeff has taught me when and when not to set anchor, and how much anchor rope to use in a given situation. Jeff has mastered gear fishing of all methods and is an excellent fly fisherman. Yet, he is humble enough to admit that he is still learning new tricks.

The Myth:

I’ve heard people say, Jeff can be ornery at times. Fact: Jeff takes his job seriously and knows what works. So if a client rattles his cage by not following directions, he might bark a little to get things running right. But Jeff doesn’t bite, the fish do! Jeff is really a nice man and has a wealth of knowledge about the Clearwater River system and other fishing systems from Idaho to Alaska and provides honest helpful advice.

In the world of professional fishing we have A, B and C guides. “C” type guides will not last long if they don’t bring their average up fast. Outfitters cannot afford to put clients with a C average guide. Jeff has trained some of these men and women to become excellent “A” type fishing guides here on the Clearwater River. The “A” guide will be safe, courteous and an effective fisherman.

The Legend:

Legend has it that Jeff Jarrett is 7 foot tall, looks like Andre the giant rowing a drift boat, and no one wants to make him mad. Truth is he’s only 6 ft. 7 in. and he’s my good friend. A gentle giant well on his way to establishing legendary status as one of the best drift boat fishing guides to ever place an oar in the water on the beautiful Clearwater River.

Jeff can be reached at 208-476-3791 or www.wefishhere.com .

Good luck and for further information or training classes contact Riverside Russ at Riverside Motel & Guide Service, 10560 Hwy 12, Orofino, ID 83544 phone (208) 476-5711.

Category : Steelhead Fishing Tips

Hot Shot Mania – Using Plugs to Create the “Wall of Death”

February 7th, 2011 @

Rule Number 1

Hot shot’ing or pulling plugs has long been a secret weapon for guides to aggravate steelhead and salmon into striking by invading their holding areas. Placing two or three plugs 50 feet exactly behind a drift boat or power boat and slowly backing straight into the path of the steelhead holding area sounds simple, right? Not!


Category : Steelhead Fishing Tips

Steelhead Mania – Making Sense Out of Scent

February 7th, 2011 @

On the market today we have three basic salmon and steelhead scents. All of these products work well, not just because they attract salmonoids but because they help mask that nasty human odor called L-serine. L-serine is an amino acid secreted by the human body. Some people have much higher levels of L-serine than others. L-serine will turn a good bite bad, if not masked.


Category : Steelhead Fishing Tips

Drift Fishing for Clearwater River Steelhead

February 7th, 2011 @

Drift fishing is an art form practiced throughout all steelhead rivers, also known as “corkie” fishing. Possibly more fish are caught on this technique in the Pacific Northwest than any other fishing method. An angler that masters drift fishing is considered a 10-percenter, in other words, 10 percent of fishermen just seem to have a knack for catching 90 percent of the fish. It’s how I learned to catch my first steelhead.


Category : Drift Fishing &Steelhead Fishing Tips

Bobber Mania – Making Sense of Steelhead Fishing with a Bobber!

September 12th, 2010 @

Bobber fishing has become increasingly more popular in the U.S. for steelhead since the mid 1980’s. My first attempt at this method was nothing more than a disaster. Not knowing how to adjust for depth with the Bradbury bobber and jig system I lost a lot of tackle which was not cost effective. Mr. Bradbury, however, was a master jig fisherman. Make no mistake bobber and float fishing with proper instruction is a deadly approach to fishing for both salmon and steelhead. In recent years a slip bobber has become more common.

"Riverside Russ" Iott with another "Hawg" caught while Bobber Fishing on the Clearwater River!

"Riverside Russ" Iott with another "Hawg" caught while Bobber Fishing on the Clearwater River!


Category : Bobber Fishing &Steelhead Fishing Tips

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