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Steelhead Fishing Guide Profiles

Russ Iott

SteelHead Mania owner and steelhead fishing guide - Russ IottRuss Iott was raised with a hunting and fishing family. He has 30 years experience catching steelhead. He was trained by some of the best coastal steelhead fishermen in Oregon. He now lives in Orofino, Idaho where he is a trainer, author and full time fishing guide. He also owns Riverside Tackle Shop.

Russ Iott is friendly, courteous, and has plenty of patience to work with the first time or advanced steelhead fisherperson. He loves helping people catch steelhead, salmon or smallmouth bass from the Clearwater River. He also offers training classes for a variety of fishing techniques.

If you have any questions about fishing on the Clearwater River or would like to schedule a training class, feel free to call anytime  (503) 871-1339. He will be glad to help you anytime he is not on the river.

About Orofino

Click here for information about Orofino and the surrounding area.

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Riverside Guide Service
11360 Highway 12
P.O. Box 1369
Orofino, ID 83544

Tel : (503) 871-1339
Email : russiott@yahoo.com